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Banyan, Rock & Talent Wealth Strategists

Founded in 1986 in Raleigh, North Carolina we are celebrating over 30 years in business. In 1997, W. Landon Watts joined the Firm as a Financial Representative. His focus is in the financial services area serving individuals, corporations and institutions, both locally and globally.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment to your financial future can be symbolized by three words: Banyan, Rock & Talent. Our name came easily--it is the philosophy of this firm. It represents strength, wisdom and the diversification of your hard-earned money made possible through knowledge, diligence and years of experience. Putting your trust in these three words--and thus this philosophy--strives to provide you the satisfaction and knowledge you deserve in a well-planned financial future.


The Banyan tree, native to India, is a tree that sends out many aerial roots from its branches which stretch to the ground and eventually form new trunks. This "forest within a tree" stands the test of time. This multi-trunked tree is like the personal financial plan researched and created for you by Banyan, Rock & Talent. A balanced portfolio is the key--chop through one, two or several trunks and the tree can still thrive. Unpredictable occurrences within the economy can destroy a mismanaged portfolio, but we strive to provide a strong financial plan through diversification.


All sound financial situations have one common denominator--a rock solid foundation. We believe without this rock to build upon, the best financial plans will eventually collapse. Banyan, Rock & Talent will help develop your foundation or strengthen an existing plan you may have.


The talent is simply a measurement of wealth employed by the Greek and Roman empires. The parable of the talent found in the Bible (Matthew 25:14-30) illustrates the benefits of a solid financial plan--hide your coins away and your fortune will never grow; invest our money wisely and you may reap the rewards.

Investment strategies such as diversification do not assure a profit and do not protect against losses in declining markets.